Modest Furniture Archive: 50 Chairs

Project Type: Personal Project
Target Group: Modest Furniture, Self 
Format: Digital, Printed (170mm x 240mm)
Category: Graphic Design, Book Design
Project Date: ____ 2023
Modest Furniture, founded in 2011, is a vintage collectible showrooom based in Antwerp, Blegium. Specialising in twentieth century designs, their aim is to preserve aesthetically pleasing, historically relevant, or simply interesting mid-century designs and pass it on to the next generation.

When I came across this showroom on social media, I gravitated towards their selection of designs ranging from storage, seating, tables, lighting, and art. All shown through a cohesive visual language, it probed me to further develop them into a visual archive format. Not only does it allow potential audience to grasp a fair understanding of the brand itself, but showcases the beauty of each product in a striking and cohesive way. 

“Experience is Key.”

About Modest Furniture

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Why Chairs? 

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