50 Chairs

Project Type: Personal Project
Target Group: Modest Furniture CVBA, Self
Format: Digital, Printed (170mm x 240mm)
Category: Graphic Design, Book Design, Branding
Project Duration: 5 Weeks
With the creation of 50 chairs, the project scope involves developing an archival book focused on exploring chairs as unique art forms, inspired by Modest Furniture's commitment to preserving mid-century designs. The project began by discovering Modest Furniture's vintage collectible showroom on social media in the summer of 2023, evolving organically.

The pivotal moment occurred on January 4th, 2024, with the purchase of a vibrant blue Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Chair replica. This marked the initiation of a chair-focused archival journey, aiming to delve beyond the aesthetic appeal of chairs and emphasize their emotional impact on space. The project seeks to showcase 50 carefully chosen chairs in unconventional settings, often placed on their sides or flipped, offering readers a fresh perspective.

This unique presentation unveils intricate details and shapes, transforming chairs from functional tools into captivating art forms. The book's overarching design language is established through a paradigm shift in perception, sparked by the detailed exploration of a single chair's structure during a routine cleaning session.

All images featured in the book are sourced from Modest Furniture, with post-editing applied in the style of a film stock I greatly admire—pushed HP5 film stock—to enhance visual impact. The project's scope not only includes documenting unique chairs but also conveying Modest Furniture's brand ethos, 'Experience is Key,' through a cohesive visual language. This language captures the essence of the showroom's diverse and historically relevant mid-century designs.

*Not affiliated with Modest Furniture CVBA, for educational purposes only.

50 Chairs Book Spreads

About Modest Furniture CVBA

Established in 2011, Modest Furniture is more than an online gallery—it's a dedication to craftsmanship and service. Founded by Vincent Lemson, who inherited his skills from his tailor-grandfather, the company blends restoration expertise and upholstery mastery.

Originally situated in the historic 'De Zonnewijzer (1955),' designed by Leon Stynen, Modest relocated in 2017 to a larger space on the same street, now housing a showroom, office, and upholstery workshop with storage. Committed to preserving mid-century design, the team sources items across Europe, striking a balance between patina preservation and functional restoration.

Beyond their curated collection, Modest cares for customers, emphasizing personal connections. While accessible through various channels, they encourage experiencing dimensions and textures firsthand in their showroom. For Modest Furniture, the essence lies not just in the pieces they offer but in the immersive experience they provide to enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

“Experience is Key” - Modest Furniture CVBA

Why Chairs? 

Choosing chairs as the focal point of this project stems from a transformative moment on January 4th, 2024, when I acquired a replica of the Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Chair in a vibrant blue color scheme. This seemingly simple purchase marked my first autonomous decision in furnishing my living space and ignited a profound appreciation for the emotional impact of seating.

As I delved into the nuances of this chair, I recognized that it wasn't just about aesthetics; it was about the unique emotions a single chair could evoke, particularly in my bedroom. This realization sparked a newfound admiration for seating products in general, prompting the evolution of this project into a chair-focused archival book.

The turning point continued as I discovered the intricate detailing and shifted perspective revealed during a routine cleaning session. Lifting the chair and exploring its structure beneath unveiled a unique art form—a chair was no longer merely a functional tool but a captivating shape waiting to be explored. This revelation served as the catalyst for establishing the overarching design language that defines the presentation of images in the book.

Through the project, I aim to invite readers to experience the diverse shapes and details of seating unconventionally, often presented on their sides or flipped. By showcasing this rare perspective, often overlooked in our daily lives, I hope to elevate chairs from functional objects to captivating art forms that shape our surroundings and everyday experiences.

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