Project Type: Project from Thesis 2: Collection & All Gender
Instructor: Michal Plata and Amanda Brown
Target Group: Self
Format: Physical Sewn Garment, Digital, Printed (8.5” x 11”)
Category: Garment Design, Book Design, Graphic Design
Project Duration: 5 Months
Moving from Vancouver to New York City brought about significant changes in my daily life. The constant hustle of people and the perpetual noise of the city pushed me to yearn for personal space and tranquility like never before. I soon discovered that my music listening devices became my sanctuary, helping me combat the overwhelming environment.

As part of my thesis project at Parsons The New School of Design, I developed a collection under the guidance of mentors Amanda Brown and Michal Plata. Drawing inspiration from music software, digital-audio instruments, oscillation studies, sculptures, origami techniques, and music itself, I aimed to showcase the fusion of garments and audio in my vision.

During the initial stages of my project, I penned a journal entry describing the creation of a "bubble of isolation" through music and its impact on my surroundings. This experience has been the driving force behind the significance of my project.

3:14PM 01/28/22 on the 5 train

“As I enter the crowded and busy subway of New York City, I reach into my tote bag to retrieve my headphones. I put them on and play my most recently played song, “Within” by Daft Punk. I immediately enter this unexplainable void of nothingness. Just me surrounded by various sounds and instruments. The people around me suddenly become non-existent. The perfection of the tune governed by tempo and structure creates a sensation of comfort and stability. It generates a near perfect bubble of isolation that allows for control over my thoughts/space, even in a populated environment such as now.

I close my eyes and retreat back into my void.”

Sound ︎

Why is sound so important to me?
What differentiates between sound and a tune?
What governs the rules between music and non-music?

The idea of sound and how broad the term baffles me especially how it is often only seen through an auditory format. How can I show my understanding and findings visually?


Detail Shots

Initial Research

Garment Construction Process

Video Exploration

The song ends. 
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